Canada vs Uruguay 1996

2014-02-13-001Another classic video from a different era of rugby, as a fresh-faced Canada faced Uruguay in the first match of the now-defunct Pan-American Championships.

The game was in Ottawa, at Twin Elm Park, and handed debut caps to Scott Hendry, Brian Mosychuck, Mike Schmid, Kyle Nichols, Scott Bryan, Joe Haley, and reserve Jason Penaluna, who scores a classic try around the half-hour mark. Future captain Pat Dunkley made his first appearance in the squad but wouldn’t win his first cap for another two years. Uruguay had a much more experienced side and were still very competitive, certainly more so than they are today.

Yellow cards had yet to be introduced yet, lifting in the lineout was still taboo (supporting only), and substitutions could only be made for injury. No form-fitting jerseys, on fancy scrum engagements, and the players in this one were still entirely amateur. Again this is comes from a VHS source, from an old TSN broadcast via ESPN. The commentary is done by two soccer specialists, hence its comical nature.

Saturday, September 14, 1996, Ottawa

Referee: Santiago Borsoni (UAR)


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